Our Mission
Accelerating the economic expansion into the solar system
Cambrian works focus
Our focus
Cambrian Works develops technology that is vital to the foundations of a thriving space economy.
Cambrian works elevated technology
Elevate technology
Cambrian Works develops technologies and capabilities that accelerate client technologies into space.
Cambrian works multi-vector approach
Beyond technology
Cambrian Works employs a multi-vector approach that engages technical, economic, legal, and regulatory facets that are foundational to accelerating the space economy.
We use our technologies and space experience to develop and deploy capabilities, such as in-space networks and advanced constellations to meet your capability needs
Our Technologies



Cambrian Works developed the IRIS software defined network to enable any satellite company to quickly implement a scalable, low-latency, resilient, on-orbit network and automate data flow across one or more constellations for real-time access to every point in a global communications fabric. IRIS, combined with our custom GigRouter, PLEXUS, and DMORF, allows us to rapidly design, develop and implement networked constellations for our clients.



IRIS is deployable as a standalone installation on any appropriately capable client processor, or pre-installed and delivered on our custom GigRouter as a subsystem. The GigRouter’s small form factor is ideal for integration with any size satellite bus and connects to on-board radios, computers, and payloads using standard Ethernet.



PLEXUS is a real-time, at-scale emulation environment for networked constellations providing “try-before-you-fly” and “hardware in the constellation” capability for realistic constellation testing. PLEXUS enables performance evaluation, early in the design process, of network constellations of any size, up to thousands of nodes. This saves development time and costs, getting clients to orbit faster, with greater confidence.



DMORF is an all-in-one, dual-mode optical and RF satellite cross-link subsystem providing for flexible channel options to mitigate highly regulated, or contested, RF environments. By providing communications channels, in both RF and optical, DMORF enables resilient and robust communications in the face of natural phenomena, unintended interference, or even electronic warfare.

Our latest news
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Space Force awards $32 million in contracts to startups and small businesses
Space force awards $32 million in contracts to startups and small businesses
August 20, 2021The 'Space Force Pitch Day' marked the launch of SpaceWERX, a new industry outreach organization funded by the Space Force and the Air Force Research Laboratory.
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Cambrian Works Co-Founder, Dr. Victor Aguero, speaks at SmallSat Symposium 2022
Cambrian works co-founder, dr. Victor aguero, speaks at smallsat symposium 2022
February 8, 2022NASA's inspector general concluded that the first SLS/Orion launch may slip to the summer of 2022, while returning humans to the moon could be delayed to 2026 or later. Credit: NASA/Frank Michaux
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Space and national security: What to expect in 2022
Space and national security: what to expect in 2022
January 19, 2022Satellite antennas used in the Counter Communications System 10.2 electronic jammer developed by L3Harris under contract to the U.S. Space Force. Credit: L3Harris
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