Our Mission

Accelerating the economic expansion into the solar system.

Our Focus

Cambrian Works develops technology that is vital to the foundations of a thriving space economy.

Elevate Technology

Cambrian Works develops technologies and capabilities that accelerate client technologies into space.

Beyond Technology

Cambrian Works employs a multi-vector approach that engages technical, economic, legal, and regulatory facets that are foundational accelerating space economy.

IRIS Network Router

Cambrian Works has developed the IRIS software to allow any satellite company to quickly implement a low-latency, secure network. This technology pushes towards the paradigm shift of constant and instantaneous access to satellites.

IRIS can be deployed on existing satellite processors as a standalone software package or pre-installed in the IRIS Networking Router that allows connectivity and cable routing to the bus processor and radios.

The IRIS Network Router’s small form factor is ideal for integration for small and large satellites.