Meet Us

Jason Mellein
Jason Mellein • Co-Founder, CEO
25 years Silicon Valley start-ups; DoD, IC, & civilian space research, acquisition, and operational leadership; commercial and USG management consulting; agile software development leadership; and space-based software defined network invention and demonstration.
Simon Lee
Simon Lee • Co-Founder, COO
Always pushing the boundaries of what is possible; whether it is co-authoring the CubeSat standard, launching satellites in college, or managing a team of brilliant folks to achieve new never been done before firsts. Simon has over 20 years of experience working all phases of satellite development for CubeSats and large satellites with specialties in program management and integration and test.
Dr. Victor Aguero
Dr. Victor Aguero • Co-Founder, CTO
35 Years Space Technology Development; Technology and Architecture development for DoD, IC, Civilian, and Commercial Space; Business Development for $60M small satellite business, and focus areas of small satellite and mission design, spacecraft/plasma interactions, ion propulsion, and space-based constellation and network architectures.
Dr. Steven Dawson
Dr. Steven Dawson • Director of Software Architecture
25 years of networking and cybersecurity research and development, including 10 years of space networking architecture and systems development.
Clint Frederickson
Clint Frederickson • Principal Software Engineer
Principal Software Engineer with a passion for building mission-critical software that is testable, maintainable, and easy to collaborate on. Fiercely generalist with direct technical experience including: applied cryptography, small spacecraft, SAR imaging, statistical machine learning, geospatial processing, audio capture, and speech recognition. Avid Rustacean and at peace with the borrow checker.
Kalia Crowder
Kalia Crowder • Principal Systems Engineer
Highly experienced Principal Systems Engineer and Program Manager with over 15 years of experience in small satellite and space technology development for government and commercial space; Model-Based Systems Engineering expert skilled in communicating technical concepts to a wide variety of stakeholders and users; Provides technical and project leadership of multi-disciplinary challenges of mission, constellation, ground, spacecraft, and payload engineering throughout all mission phases.
Cory Albright
Cory Albright
20+ years of experience in data visualization, innovation, and prototyping new technologies in a wide variety of fields including military, sports, geospatial, bible, and history
Kyle Leveque
Kyle Leveque
Kyle’s has a passion for the commercial space sector and has worked on dozens of small satellite and CubeSat missions spanning the academic, government, and commercial sectors. He enjoys working on flight software, mission operations, system design, RF radio design, and challenging missions.
Mason Hieb
Mason Hieb
Software Engineer skilled in developing reliable, scalable, and maintainable software systems. Strong experience designing and building networked software in the industrial automation space. Passionate about finding and automating solutions to difficult problems, both professionally and as a tech hobbyist.