DMORF Dual-Mode Optical RF Network Radios

DMORF is an all-in-one, dual-mode optical and RF communication subsystem that allows service providers to quickly create a resilient, high throughput, networked constellation.

Resiliency & Redundancy

DMORF with its autonomous detection algorithms can respond to interference and dropouts on either channel to maintain data integrity in adverse conditions.


DMORF supports software and hardware encryption like AES-256 and HAIPE.

Satellite Network Ready

DMORF is sized to fit into the limited resources of small satellites allowing clients to have multiple units in support of a multiplicity of crosslinks and downlinks for resilient network constellations of thousands of satellites.

High Bandwidth

Both RF and optical modules support 100-Mbps to 1-Gbps throughput in full duplex mode.

Robust Scalability

DMORF leverages resilient and robust on-orbit routing and constellation management, optimized and scalable to satellite constellations of many thousands.

Multi-layer Resilience and Redundancy

DMORF, when combined with IRIS (either installed on a client bus computer or via GigRouter), provides both hardware resilience (DMORF) and software defined networking resilience (IRIS).

  • DMORF with defense adaptations provides:
    • Parallel (dual-mode) optical & RF links
    • Mitigation of interference – natural, accidental, or intentional
    • A hardware-vendor-agnostic networking solution
    • Guaranteed and prioritized delivery of specific data
    • Enhanced security and network protection features
  • DMORF enables P-LEO constellations and HAPS that:
    • Change the paradigm of scheduled links to always-available links
    • Reach any node in a global network at any time
    • Mitigate adversary interference with multi-mode, multi-route link options
    • Support in-space capability, not just terrestrial communications missions
    • Realize new missions with global reach/persistence
Mass, Volume, and Power Estimates
  • Overall Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
  • Mass: 4.5 kg (body mounted)
  • Power Consumption: 80W peak
  • Link range and data rate: Dependent on mission and use specifics
  • Network & Control Interfaces: Serial and Ethernet
  • Supported Protocols: IP, IPsec, TCP, UDP, TLS, and more