GigRouter IRIS in a Box

GigRouter is Cambrian Works’ custom hardware router with the IRIS software defined network pre-installed. In cases where a network constellation provider would prefer to simply install a small form factor router into their satellites, rather than hosting IRIS on their own on-board computer, GigRouter provides a straightforward, and exceptionally capable, integrated hardware and software solution.

GigRouter is a high-end processor with multi-gigabit ethernet ports. These features provide a centralized connection to communication terminals, payloads, and the satellite bus computer. GigRouter has the horsepower to run applications and enable capabilities that are outside of the flight computer (e.g.: image processing, networking, AI, ML, etc.).

IRIS Enabled

Cambrian Works’ IRIS networking software is pre-installed to automatically manage data flows across a space constellation.

High-End Processor

GigRouter comes with multi-TOPs of processing capability suitable for running additional value-added applications such as the on-board processing of data.

Multi-Port GigE

The current version of GigRouter sports up to seven independent, dedicated ethernet ports, each capable of gigabit performance for routing data. Higher data rates are planned for next generation boards.

Smart Memory

Terabytes of memory are available for storage to support additional distributed processing capability.

Mass, Volume, and Power Estimates
  • Overall Dimensions: 100x100x25mm
  • Mass: 350 grams w/ enclosure
  • Power Consumption: 15W (Nominal), 25W Maximum
  • Input Voltage Range: 9 to 12 V
  • Interfaces: USB, I2C, CAN, Serial, Ethernet