Plexus Space Network Emulator

PLEXUS is a high-fidelity, real-time, at-scale emulation of communications constellations, enabling “try-before-you-fly” capability, and supporting “hardware in the constellation” testing.

Try Before You Fly

PLEXUS is specifically an emulator, designed to run in-development, as well as product-ready, software defined networking (SDN) code. PLEXUS offers the opportunity to predict and characterize SDN performance from the design phase through constellation deployment and operations. Unlike network simulators, PLEXUS runs in real-time providing “constellation twin” performance insights.

Hardware in the Constellation (Hitc)™ Capable

PLEXUS supports hardware in the loop testing for experimental and objective hardware, including network processors (CPUs), radio/optical crosslink and ground terminals, etc. to measure and characterize hardware under the expected loads of constellation operations.

Vastly Scalable

PLEXUS is cloud-native and can scale from 10’s to 1000’s of nodes and runs on anything from a laptop, to a server, to the cloud. Constellation sizes are only limited by the amount of emulation computing power available.

Network Architecture Agnostic

PLEXUS is agnostic to constellation network topology (i.e.: # of planes, nodes per plane, inclination(s), etc.) as well as routing approach. This enables side by side comparisons of constellation designs, SDN packages, network management, etc. PLEXUS gets clients to orbit faster and with greater confidence by enhancing early design, ongoing development, and objective system production.