Space-Networks IRIS Networking Software

Cambrian Works developed the IRIS architecture and software to allow quick implementation of a low-latency, secure network. This technology realizes the paradigm shift of constant and instantaneous access to satellites. IRIS can be deployed on existing satellite processors as a standalone software package or pre-installed in the GigRouter that allows connectivity and routing to the bus processor and crosslink and downlink communications terminals (i.e.: radios or optical terminals). The GigRouter’s small form factor is ideal for integration into small and large satellites and provides the interfaces that are missing on many flight processors for multiple always-on, high speed network connections.

IRIS automates data flow across one or more constellations to reach every point in a global network, 24/7. Satellites make dynamic routing and rerouting decisions locally, autonomously mitigating traffic issues, ensuring timely data delivery.

Lights-out Network Operations

IRIS implements resilient, fully autonomous on-orbit mesh networking operations that scale from 10s to beyond 1000s of nodes. Dynamic routing and re-routing require no inputs from the ground.

Inter-constellation Networking

IRIS employs software to enable communications within one constellation or between multiple constellations, creating an internet-like data backbone between otherwise incompatible systems.

Standards Compliance

IRIS is fully OSI, TCP/IP, MPLS, and TLS compliant for seamless integration with other networks/systems; and is compatible with virtually any encryption protocol (e.g.: IPSec, CSfC, HAIPE, etc.)

Hardware Agnostic

IRIS is hardware-agnostic and hardware-vendor-neutral, can be instantiated on virtually any on-orbit Linux-based processor, and works with virtually any communication link.